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Have an enquiry about a specific treatment? At Brad Pearce Dental Surgery, we understand that with dental treatments and sedation therapies come complex questions. For your convenience, we've answered some of our most frequently asked questions below.
If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact our friendly staff. We're happy to answer any enquiries you may have.



What should I do if I have a tooth knocked out?

A tooth that has been knocked out or 'avulsed' is a serious dental injury and should be seen to by a dentist as soon as possible. Your tooth can be saved if you seek professional care immediately.

Call our emergency dentists at Brad Pearce Dental Surgery. We recommend you handle the tooth very carefully. Hold it by the crown (the top of the tooth) and never the root, as this can be damaged easily. If possible, gently rinse the tooth under a saline solution or milk, then place the tooth back in your mouth. Do not wipe the tooth.

If it's too painful to place the tooth back into your mouth, keep it between your teeth and cheek, or place it into a small container of milk. It's vital to keep your tooth moist-do not place it in water.

Seek dental attention immediately.

At what age should I bring my child to the dentist?

Coming soon.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide is a form of inhalation sedation, also known as 'happy gas'. You breathe it in through a mask we place over your nose.

This sedation helps to reduce anxiety, while allowing you to remain alert enough to answer questions and understand what your dentist is saying. This sedation typically wears off after a few deep breaths of regular air and will be out of your system in approximately 20 minutes.

Please Note: If you choose to have PenthroxTM sedation for your procedure, you will need someone to drive you to our practice and collect you following your procedure. Do not drive a vehicle, operate heavy machinery or conduct important business decisions/matters for a 24- hour period after your procedure.

What is Penthrox™?

Penthrox™ is another form of inhalation sedation, administered using a hand-held device. It helps our dentists provide virtually pain-free dentistry and relieve anxiety. The PenthroxTM inhaler is suitable for dental procedures that take up to one hour in duration, and has a very rapid response. Only 6-8 breaths are required for it to take effect.

The best part about this form of sedation is you have control over your own level of relief: all you need to do is inhale intermittently during your procedure.

Do you provide oral medication?

If you are very anxious about your upcoming treatment or dental procedure, our dentists are able to prescribe you medicine, such as Valium, for you to take an hour or two prior to your appointment. All prescribed medicine should be taken precisely as directed.

Please Note: Valium is a sedative and should therefore not be consumed with alcohol. You will require someone to drop you off at our practice and collect you after your procedure. Do not drive a vehicle, operate heavy machinery or conduct important business decisions/matters for a 24-hour period following your procedure.

What is The Wand?

The Wand is an advanced sedation technique that uses a computer-controlled tool to deliver an accurate and virtually painless injection. This helps minimise anxiety and allows for the tooth or any other area of the mouth to be controlled and comfortably numb. In most cases, this does not affect the tongue, cheek or lips-minimising any pain or discomfort before and after treatment.

Colgate-Bright Smiles, Bright Futures

Focusing on oral care, improvement and oral hygiene, the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures initiative is geared specifically for children.

Through their mascots, Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders, this program teaches children how to maintain good oral health and fight plaque and tooth decay through interactive games, videos and printables.